Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Batik - beautiful art

Handmade batik cloth is well-known in Southeast Asia since ancient times. It is wax printed cloth using silk or cotton fabric. Malaysian batik is very famous and mostly uses butterflies and flowers paintings with different patterns and designs. The batik production goes through a very special process. First the artists will draw the design on the material then they use wax to form a foundation. Finally the fabric is dyed and the process is repeated. The batik then can be made into clothing, tablecloths, curtains, handbags, hats or pictures.

Indonesia and Malaysia have been always competing on the origin of batik cloth, which in the end is a national treasure. The debate on this issue can be endless. However we will concentrate here on the features of the Malaysian batik.

Batik is considered a traditional custom in Malaysia and you can see it worn by both men and women in special occasions. Batik can be found in so many places for cheap prices but there are also the more fashionable and high quality types of it.

When you visit Malaysia next time, make sure to buy yourself a piece of batik cloth. It is very easy to find in the local market. As the Malaysian batik is traditional product, so many tourists will go and visit a number of workshops and batik stores. They also can see the production process.


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